The Day I Saw The Sky on Fire

Looks like mother nature is giving us a little bit of a break from the torture of good ol’ winter. Temperatures have been hovering between minus 3 to plus 5 (Celsius) these past couple of days. After being in a deep freeze for almost a week straight, this kind of break is definitely welcomed by everyone.

Lachine sunsetI have almost forgotten about this little jewel of a place. I was coming back from my shoot one Saturday and decided to take the long way instead of the usual highway 15. I got to the spot just in time for the most amazing sunset I’ve seen all winter. The sky was brightly lit with red and orange hues that it almost looks like somebody set it on fire. It was cold, and I wasn’t dressed properly for the occasion so I only managed to grab a couple of shots. It was a perfect ending to one perfect day.

Lachine sunset

Of Sunsets and Silhouettes

The two weeks of travelling is finally over. I’m back home today. I managed to come back with a few shots, unfortunately, I only managed to grab a few while I was out and about.

Manhattan Beach Shot with Fujifilm X20 | f 5.6 @ 1/10 sec | ISO - 100 | Minimal PP in Lightroom 4

The image above is my favorite one of the bunch. It was taken after sunset, as a friend and I were leaving Manhattan Beach. We were walking up the hill, back to the car. I turned around to find the most beautiful after-sunset scene I’ve seen so far. The brilliant colors on the horizon provided such a wonderful background for the silhouette of the palm trees that were lining the board walk. I stopped in the middle of the busy street to take the shot. I did manage to infuriate a few drivers, and my friend thinks I was crazy, but I did get the shot, and at that time, it was all that mattered…


Enjoying a Few Local Scenery: 1000 Islands in Brockville, ON

As promised, these are a few of the photos from my trip to the Thousand Islands. It was a pretty good photo opportunity, since we were there in the afternoon where the lighting wasn’t so harsh. Shooting while the boat was moving was a little tricky though, I’ve had several missed shots, and some blurry and unusable ones. The images you see below are those that I have kept.

I took this photo from the Harbor as we were waiting to board the “Wildcat”. It was such a beautiful place to just sit and watch the boats pass by.

The Harbor

The Harbor

We had to wait for a family of five who were having a hard time deciding if they wanted in on the cruise or not, so we were running a little late. It gave us an opportunity to sit by the grass and bask in the glorious afternoon sun.

The other side of the Harbor

The breeze was a lot cooler on the water, and the view was spectacular.

Singer Island

Singer Castle

This was our last stop before turning around. The Singer Castle. Unfortunately, touring the grounds and inside the castle wasn’t a part of our short itinerary. Perhaps on another day. I suggest to read a brief history of the castle here. It is quite interesting and definitely worth reading.

Singer Castle

The cruise concluded much too quickly. I would have loved to see more, but as I’ve said, this was a very short trip which definitely left me wanting for more…

Did You Miss Me?

Fall colors in Tremblant

Hello everyone! Did you all have a wonderful long weekend? I know it’s been too long. After an unscheduled hiatus, I am back. A lot have happened while I was away. Between another death in the family (the 3rd one in less than 2 years!) and a much welcomed visit from friends and family, this girl has been pretty busy. It felt good not to worry about my blog during that time though, I must admit,  it was liberating.

I don’t know about your part of the world, but over here, it seems as if Fall is starting to poke its head. You can certainly feel the cooler morning breeze. On our way to the Thousand Islands on Sunday, I swear I saw some of the leaves have already turned red and yellow. 

The image above is from my archive, taken during the peak of Fall last year. I figured, well, the coming of Autumn is inevitable so instead of fighting it, I might as well welcome it with open arms.  I have a few photos from the Thousand Island trip, but those will have to wait till tomorrow, although if you’ve “liked” my Facebook page, you’ve probably have seen a few already. 

I’ve realized something very important while I was away, that I am in love with the matte look on photos. If you noticed, the image above was processed that way. It took me a while to figure out how this was done. It was sort of an “aha!” moment when I finally found the correct way to do it, and I’ve re-processed some of my previous photos this way.  If you check my portfolio site (opens on a new window), you’ll see what I mean. Expect most of the photos on this site to be done this way moving forward because I think I have finally found my personal stamp. 

Montreal During Blue Hour

Montreal Skyline

The Montreal skyline, photographed during blue hour

This is probably the most successful HDR photo I’ve been able to produce since I started experimenting with it. My previous attempts were…well…blah. Last week, I set out to go on a photo walk just before sunset to try to capture the skyline during blue hour. I tried a few frames at first, but couldn’t get the right exposure. HDR was never my strong suit, but I had to try. Besides, I knew there would be no way to get the photo that I had in mind without taking a series of bracketed shots.  This is a combination of 4 frames (2 secs, 3 secs, 6 secs & 10 secs), all at f/22, merged together in Photomatix Pro to create my version of HDR. 

Phoneography Challenge: Nature


Lake at Upper Canada Village | iPhone 5 | Snapseed

Summer is much too short this year, at least in my opinion. I seem to remember us having only a few good, warm summer days this year compared to last year. I keep thinking, I haven’t enjoyed the outdoors as much as I would have loved to. I’ve been to the beach, yes, but only for two days, which is just not enough.


BBQ at the Angrignon Park | iPhone 4S

So I am trying my hardest to fill my weekends with outdoor activities. Fortunately, there are parks nearby where I can be one with nature, and enjoy what’s left of the season. I am asking Mother Nature for an extension, hoping she’ll order the clouds to stay away and send some more sunshine my way.

Today’s post is my entry for the Nature theme of our Phoneography Challenge. Head over to Lens & Pens by Sally and Watching Photo Reels for more interpretation of the theme. You are also welcome to join us, click here for more info.