Cheerful Susan

On a gloomy day like today, we sure could use a little something to lighten the mood.

Black-eyed susan

I am leaving for California (something to do with my day job) on Sunday, so I may be slow on responding or commenting for the next couple of weeks. I plan on bringing the camera with me so I am hoping I’ll get a chance to take some photos while I’m there. I’d be free to do whatever I please on weekends so let’s see what happens. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the week, dear friends!

Portrait of a Rose

Pink rose matte

I figured since I haven’t posted a floral shot in a while, I’d show you one from the archive. It was re-processed with the matte effect applied.  One of the things I like about this effect is that it brings out the punch in the colors even without tweaking the saturation. That’s exactly what happened on this image, as soon as I applied the Lightroom preset that I created, I saw the transformation. The color became more vivid and a lot closer to the real thing. I didn’t do much after that, but now that I see it again, I think I will re-process it one more time to remove the bluish tint on the shadows.

This is the good thing about digital photography and shooting RAW, is that as long as I am not altering the original file, I can process and re-process the image as often as I want to get the desired effect that pleases me. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my craft since I think this is the only way I can personally grow as a photographer.


Pink Columbine

I am always in the lookout for an opportunity for a good flower photo. Since I do not have a garden, I usually get my fix from taking a peek at my neighbors’ or visiting the nearby park where the lawn is perfectly trimmed and the flowers are gracefully blooming.

pink columbine

This one above was taken at the bird sanctuary. It was the only columbine plant I noticed in the area, nestled between a row of thick shrubs and a tree. It looked a little out-of-place. It seemed to be thriving pretty well though, perhaps it felt protected from the elements.

I took the photo with my 70-200mm lens, zoomed in to 155mm to isolate the background. It did the trick, but I wanted a specific look, so I added more blur in post, this way only the subject itself is clearly visible. The intention was to make it so that it appears as if it is floating off the page.