A Little Bit of Macro

I’ve been feeling really good about my images lately. It has given me a boost to want to create more. Here’s a few that I’ve done over the weekend. All shot with available light with a single reflector for fill.

yellow roseI was getting an underexposed reading on the inside of the flower, and boosting it up would render the rest overexposed, so I used a reflector to fill the shadows a little.

fernAh, the fern. I struggled with this one a bit. I knew I wanted a much darker ambiance to wrap the whole image. This took a little bit of time to accomplish.  I had to shoot from different angles to get the image that I had in mind. In the end, I found that shooting above eye level yielded the best result. I used the silver side of my reflector to add some fill on the tip of the fern.

I ended up with a memory card full of images, but I had to be ruthless and keep only the best ones. That is another thing I’ve learned, to not be afraid to delete the ones that were simply ok. After all, I am trying to produce great images. It’ll probably take some time before I can completely adopt that mentality, but I’ll get there. One day at a time.



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Shooting Still Life

Somehow my blog is getting neglected these days, but rest assured everyone that I have not stopped creating images. I’ve just been having a hard time juggling work and school.

peppersSchool is going really well though. I’m really glad I jumped into the program. I feel that I have a much better understanding of how to create a better and stronger photograph. School has made me more aware of the most important element of photography. Light. We’ve played around with flood lights in the studio last week and it’s been fun. We’ve shot portraits, still life and everything else in between. It’s been such an amazing learning experience so far, and I cannot wait to learn more…

applesBoth images above were shot at the studio, with seamless background and controlled lighting. It’s crazy how much an uncluttered background helps put the focus of an image to where it should be. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to keep going, and to hopefully come out a much better, more conscious photographer.



Shallow DOF

Playing with shallow DOF this week. It was a good time to take out the old Macro lens and start photographing things around the house, something I have  not done in a while.

DucatiMy nephew’s treasure chest contained more than enough stuff for inspiration. Both images were shot wide open (f2.8). For this assignment, we  aren’t allowed to use any  light other than whatever is available, in this case, natural light streaming through the window (camera right).


Portraits by the window

Last week’s homework have been handed in. We were asked to shoot portraits using only natural daylight. I wanted to do the shoot outdoors, but my models weren’t too keen on getting dressed and walking outside in the snow. So, these were done indoors, by the window. The assignment was to shoot and process them in colour. These images have been converted into black and white for this post though. The last 2 images weren’t part of the assignment, so I added a reflector to the mix, the sun was getting too low and I wasn’t getting enough light on the face. I needed a fill light.

girl by the window Betty_window4_BW_web Leanne_headshot_BW_web Leanne_veil_web