I find that I really enjoy shooting portraits at the studio. It’s the one class that I just cannot get enough of. We’ve learned a lot about the various portrait lighting styles and I think I am more conscious about it now.

This is a shot that I took of a good friend of mine emphasizing the Rembrandt lighting. This was the style that I struggled a lot. Most of my shots didn’t show enough of the triangle that defines the style. Even with this shot, the triangular light around her cheekbone area was faint when I first looked at it on my camera LCD. It wasn’t until I made the initial adjustment in Lightroom that this one image stood out. She has a rounded face, but the angle slimmed her face a little, and the shadow falling on her left cheeks (camera-right) accentuated her cheekbones. She has the Mona Lisa smile going on here so I thought a little bit of grain to emulate film will give it that vintage touch.

JuliaAnd just for kicks, I decided to process this one in black and white as well, although I must admit, I think I like the colored version better. What do you think?

Julia BW

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Portraits by the window

Last week’s homework have been handed in. We were asked to shoot portraits using only natural daylight. I wanted to do the shoot outdoors, but my models weren’t too keen on getting dressed and walking outside in the snow. So, these were done indoors, by the window. The assignment was to shoot and process them in colour. These images have been converted into black and white for this post though. The last 2 images weren’t part of the assignment, so I added a reflector to the mix, the sun was getting too low and I wasn’t getting enough light on the face. I needed a fill light.

girl by the window Betty_window4_BW_web Leanne_headshot_BW_web Leanne_veil_web

Photo Shoot: Yzeah

Let’s take a short break from the black and whites and venture towards some major cuteness. I did an impromptu photo shoot yesterday. My subject was one adorable little girl who’ll be turning one in two weeks. Her parents wanted a few photos of her before her big day.

Yzeah RaeI took a dozen photos, but these are 2 of my favorite.

Yzeah RaeThis was one of those days when I wished I had a studio. I had to improvise with the shoot. The clean background was what I was going for. I love the high key look for indoor kid shots. I find that it emphasizes their innocence. These were shot near a window (left side). I used a silver reflector on her right to light her face. I love how they turned out, her parents loved them too, but I think I have to experiment more, perhaps work on my lighting and explore a few more possibilities. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get the hang of it.

A Glimpse of the Season Before It Ends

I cannot believe how busy I’ve been lately that I haven’t been around to post anything on my blog. I have also not been able to respond back to all your comments, and I sincerely apologize. I’ll do my best to catch up with you all very soon.


The season is in full bloom, brilliant colors everywhere and I barely noticed. That’s what happens when you’re stuck inside everyday. I did a photo shoot for a lovely couple a week ago, which gave me a chance to take some images of the changing leaves before they are completely gone.


Autumn colors

couple photoshoot

I really did enjoy the shoot, the Autumn colors provided a beautiful backdrop for one laid-back session. The images came out real nice and the couple loved them.