Ten Thousand Brush Strokes

“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.”

                                                                                                                                                        ~W. Somerset Maugham

Manhattan BeachImage was processed using the new Topaz Impression


Behind Closed Doors

It has been way too long, really. Blogging has taken a little bit of a backseat these days. There is just too much going on and I am having a hard time keeping up. Summer has been busy, between weddings and the day job, life has gotten a lot more complicated.


The Fall semester just started as well, so it is going to even be crazier now, but hopefully I can find a way to juggle all these things. I just stopped by to see how y’all are doing. I miss the interaction and the friendship. But for now, I must go, this girl is traveling next week. My clothes won’t pack themselves, sadly. I wish you all a beautiful week ahead.


Black and White Friday: Verticals

Under the pier

Building from the previous black and white collection, here’s another one that was shot in SoCal. It seems that I cannot get enough of black and whites these days so I have been processing photos this way. I hope you don’t mind. This image was taken at the Manhattan beach pier, a photo which I have imagined for so long, one that I knew I needed to create when I visited the place. I was going to leave the color on this photograph, but it was distracting, and taking away from the main focus of the image: the texture and the lines.

I am starting something new this year. 2014 will be different. When I started with photography, I dove in head first, learning as much as I can as I go along. It wasn’t such a bad thing, I learned a lot. But I have so much more to learn. So, this year, I will be focusing more on learning, and honing whatever skill I have picked up all those years. I will become a student again :), if all goes well, I should be starting school in two weeks. I am taking a two-year, intensive Commercial Photography program at Dawson College. I suspect that my blog will also go through some changes. I will be using my blog to document my progress, and hopefully use it to share whatever I learn in school. At least that is the plan. I am hoping that you’ll stick around as I go through this exciting journey.

Black and White in Sunny SoCal

Getty shuttleI realized that there are still a few photos that I have not posted from the SoCal trip. Since I’ve enough time on my hands these past few days, I decided to do some purging and re-organizing. I found a few more photos shot with the Fujifilm X20, converted them to black and white because I thought they looked better that way. I will likely re-process them again after the holiday, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy the images.

board on beach

Long beach


Sunrise above 36,000 feet

I seriously miss blogging these days. But being on the road with no camera and internet is such an issue. All I have with me on this trip is my iPhone. Internet is only available at the hotel.

I took this shot with the iPhone on my flight from YUL to LAX. There is seriously something wrong with the image, I’m sure you’ll notice it too. It’s crooked! But I love the colors so it’s making it’s debut on the blog.

I’m back on my home turf tomorrow, so hopefully regular blogging will resume very soon. In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.