The Day I Saw The Sky on Fire

Looks like mother nature is giving us a little bit of a break from the torture of good ol’ winter. Temperatures have been hovering between minus 3 to plus 5 (Celsius) these past couple of days. After being in a deep freeze for almost a week straight, this kind of break is definitely welcomed by everyone.

Lachine sunsetI have almost forgotten about this little jewel of a place. I was coming back from my shoot one Saturday and decided to take the long way instead of the usual highway 15. I got to the spot just in time for the most amazing sunset I’ve seen all winter. The sky was brightly lit with red and orange hues that it almost looks like somebody set it on fire. It was cold, and I wasn’t dressed properly for the occasion so I only managed to grab a couple of shots. It was a perfect ending to one perfect day.

Lachine sunset

Of Year-end Thoughts and Reflections

With the end of the year approaching pretty fast, I cannot help but feel a little nostalgic. I have had my fair share of highs and lows, but for the most part, it was (and still is) a good year. I’ve made some major progress in my photographic journey. My network has grown, met a few people who later on became friends, landed my first wedding gig in May which translated into a couple more after that.

Manhattan beach pier

I have had some pretty disappointing encounters as well, and learned some of life’s most valuable lessons that way. Made a few mistakes here and there, trusted the wrong people to catch me when I fall, only to be laughed at by the very same people when I slipped and landed on the ground face-first (figuratively speaking, at least).

But at the end of the day, I won’t change a thing. All of these made me the person I am today…

Of Sunsets and Silhouettes

The two weeks of travelling is finally over. I’m back home today. I managed to come back with a few shots, unfortunately, I only managed to grab a few while I was out and about.

Manhattan Beach Shot with Fujifilm X20 | f 5.6 @ 1/10 sec | ISO - 100 | Minimal PP in Lightroom 4

The image above is my favorite one of the bunch. It was taken after sunset, as a friend and I were leaving Manhattan Beach. We were walking up the hill, back to the car. I turned around to find the most beautiful after-sunset scene I’ve seen so far. The brilliant colors on the horizon provided such a wonderful background for the silhouette of the palm trees that were lining the board walk. I stopped in the middle of the busy street to take the shot. I did manage to infuriate a few drivers, and my friend thinks I was crazy, but I did get the shot, and at that time, it was all that mattered…


Fuji X20 | Test Shots

My trip to LA two weeks ago wasn’t as productive, photographically speaking, as I would have hoped for. The training that I attended was very taxing that at the end of the day, all I wanted to do was soak in a warm bath, bury myself under the covers and head off to la-la land. Plus I didn’t bring my camera with me on that trip. My DSLR is just too bulky and it would require me to either lug it with me to the office, or leave it in the hotel, something I wasn’t comfortable with.  I knew I wanted a more portable and travel-friendly gear, so I started looking into the Fujifilm X series. Last Saturday, I finally pulled the plug and picked up the X20.

Check out the test shots below. All images below were straight of the camera, no post processing, except cropping and resizing.

Fuji-toy cam

Fujifilm X20 | Advance feature: Toy Camera

Ignore the date stamped on these images, somehow I forgot to set the date correctly. I’ve since fixed that ;)

Fujifilm X20 | Advance feature: Toy Camera

Fujifilm X20 | Advance feature: Toy Camera

Fujifilm X20 | Film Simulation Monochrome

Fujifilm X20 | Film Simulation Monochrome

A nifty little camera, capable of producing amazing results. I’ve only used it a couple times since I bought it, but I think I am in love…can’t wait to carry it with me on my upcoming trip.

Montreal During Blue Hour

Montreal Skyline

The Montreal skyline, photographed during blue hour

This is probably the most successful HDR photo I’ve been able to produce since I started experimenting with it. My previous attempts were…well…blah. Last week, I set out to go on a photo walk just before sunset to try to capture the skyline during blue hour. I tried a few frames at first, but couldn’t get the right exposure. HDR was never my strong suit, but I had to try. Besides, I knew there would be no way to get the photo that I had in mind without taking a series of bracketed shots.  This is a combination of 4 frames (2 secs, 3 secs, 6 secs & 10 secs), all at f/22, merged together in Photomatix Pro to create my version of HDR. 

iPhoneography Monday: Night Photography

Night photography is one form of photography that many of us enjoy. Although I don’t do much night shooting using my iPhone, I thought it would be fun to use Night Photography for today’s iPhoneography Challenge.


Botanical Garden | iPhone 4S | Edited with Snapseed

Probably one of the biggest challenge in night photography using the iPhone is its limited ability for this type of photography. It is doable, as with any type of photography, the key is to work within its limits. Since there is no way (at least not that I know anyway) to do long exposure on the iPhone, it is best to shoot during blue hour where there is still enough light for the iPhone camera to work with, or shoot brightly illuminated subjects.

night photography

Blue Hour | Taken and edited with iPhone 4S

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