Weekly Photo Challenge: Color


The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

I realized that I have missed a few of the Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge. I have to admit, I haven’t been out with the camera lately. My weekends seem to always be busy these days, and since I work full-time during the week, I only have the weekends to go out and shoot.

I went out last Saturday though, when the sun finally graced us with its presence. Found myself wandering inside the Centre de Commerce Mondial (World Trade Center) in downtown Montreal. It is described as a small but chic indoor village composed of posh boutiques, restaurants and cafes. It is conveniently linked to other known establishments in the area. One feature which caught my attention was a very colorful mural painted by Rafael Sottolichio (assisted by Olivier Roy) located under the steps leading to the hallway which connects to the Palais Des Congres. The mural was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Centre.

Abstract Rendition

The best part about joining an online community is that there is always something new to learn everyday. Holly recently posted a tutorial on her blog for creating abstract art. It was super easy and fun to follow, I just had to try.

Here’s the original image, straight out of the camera:

And here’s the original image, again, SOOC:

I plan on doing a few more, and maybe changing the swirls around a little bit to see what I can come up with so please stay tuned…

Garden Sings

The pink peonies in the garden started blooming. I love all the wonderful smells of the blooms in the morning. I wish there was a way to share their sweet scent online, but since we’re probably years away from that happening, I will share the images I took yesterday instead.

sweet smells in the morn
lift me off my feet L’Amour
peonies on my bed

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

The current theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is Unfocused. Pretty easy and straight-forward, right? I was going to post a photo which I took that didn’t come out the way I intended (read: out of focus / unfocused) since I do have plenty of those, but I thought I would use an image which I intentionally shot as abstract, but which came out better, I think, because when I was editing it, I was unfocused.