I find that I really enjoy shooting portraits at the studio. It’s the one class that I just cannot get enough of. We’ve learned a lot about the various portrait lighting styles and I think I am more conscious about it now.

This is a shot that I took of a good friend of mine emphasizing the Rembrandt lighting. This was the style that I struggled a lot. Most of my shots didn’t show enough of the triangle that defines the style. Even with this shot, the triangular light around her cheekbone area was faint when I first looked at it on my camera LCD. It wasn’t until I made the initial adjustment in Lightroom that this one image stood out. She has a rounded face, but the angle slimmed her face a little, and the shadow falling on her left cheeks (camera-right) accentuated her cheekbones. She has the Mona Lisa smile going on here so I thought a little bit of grain to emulate film will give it that vintage touch.

JuliaAnd just for kicks, I decided to process this one in black and white as well, although I must admit, I think I like the colored version better. What do you think?

Julia BW

21 thoughts on “Julia

  1. Such a beautiful portrait Gracie! The color one has such a nice soft matte look and the darker background…it’s all perfect. Looks like you are quite enjoying your class!

    • Thanks Beverly! I printed the colored version this weekend and it came out really better than I have expected. My classes have been really helpful and fun so far. I have no regrets :)

  2. I agree with you that the color one works best. It’s a strong rendering of your friend. You’ve accomplished the goal of a portrait’s elements. It made me think that a triptych would work well in portraits to get various sides of a person’s personality. It’s really a wonderful image.

  3. I like the vintage effect, Gracie. Both shots are beautiful…..and I learned something new today, about the triangle of light. Thank you for the brief lesson, it’s more helpful than you’ll know!

    • Thank you, Edith :)
      I’ve always thought studio lights were too intimidating, hahaha, but I have gotten accustomed to using them since I started the program, to the point that I am also thinking of getting a (not the expensive ones that we use in school. LOL!) set for myself.

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