Shooting Winter in Spring

It is officially Spring, but it doesn’t feel or look like it. Winter is still hanging around, not wanting to go. Granted these images were taken about a week and a half ago, the snow that you see on the ground hasn’t really melted at all. The main roads are mostly dry now, but traces of snow and ice are still clinging to the curbs. And the parks, well, nothing has changed since these photos were taken.

Winter Scene

My Photoshop class is all about curves and colour corrections lately, and I’ve realized there is so much more I needed to know about curves. Yes I knew the basics, it seems there is always something new to learn everyday.

Winter Scene

13 thoughts on “Shooting Winter in Spring

    • You are absolutely right, Ken!
      Some warm weather is in the forecast, hopefully it won’t change between now and end of the week.

  1. Beautiful images Gracie. Isn’t it true? There is always more to learn. I find myself thinking that every day!
    We are stilling having winter weather here too. Despite the fact that trees are starting to bud and birds are chirping, it is cold and snow is in the forecast for today. Stay warm! Blessings, Robyn

    • Thank you, Robyn!
      Oh I hope you guys won’t get too much snow. We’re supposed to get some tomorrow before it starts to warm up (heard that before!) at the end of the week.

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