Shallow DOF

Playing with shallow DOF this week. It was a good time to take out the old Macro lens and start photographing things around the house, something I have  not done in a while.

DucatiMy nephew’s treasure chest contained more than enough stuff for inspiration. Both images were shot wide open (f2.8). For this assignment, we  aren’t allowed to use any  light other than whatever is available, in this case, natural light streaming through the window (camera right).


15 thoughts on “Shallow DOF

  1. The shallow depth is always fun to get reacquainted with isn’t it. I’ve LOVED the photos you made last summer using it – such as the cup of light tea in the sunshine (on your porch?). Beautiful work! Hope class is going well.

  2. I love this Gracie, it brings back memories of my childhood :) These are great DOF, wonderful photos, my favourite is the second one :)

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