Technology doesn’t sleep


Bijoux with iPhone

19 thoughts on “Technology doesn’t sleep

      • Oh yes! he’s very curious and at times would sit on my lap, paws on the desk while I’m working on the laptop. Unfortunately, I’m not living with him and miss him very much. A long story, hence me doing a few portraits of him.

        • Oh, I’m sorry to hear he doesn’t live with you. I used to have one too, but had to giver her up coz my hubby is allergic.

          My dog does the same thing, when I’m in front of the computer, he jumps into my lap and rests his tiny paws and nose on the desk. I have a small shih-tzu, so it’s alright. I kinda like having him on my lap too. He keeps me company :)

    • LOL! You have no idea how many times I’ve thought about that in the past, fujixman. Haven’t had that problem since I switched to Mac though (I know, I sounded like a “fanboy/girl”).

      • The very first computer I laid my hands on, was an Apple II… I’m dating myself now. The very first computer that I bought was an Apple Performa 6360 Power PC. I now have a 7 year old laptop. An upgrade is looming.

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