Abstract: How I did it?

I received a few comments and compliments on the previous post, some of you maybe wondering how this was achieved using only a flashlight and a roll of paper/card stock. So on this post I will try my best to explain how I did it. You will have to pardon me though as tutorials were never (and probably never will) my strong suit (so does creative writing…haha).

For starters, I took this photograph in my kitchen/dining area (this is where most of the magic happens). I used a small LED flashlight as my main (and only) light source.

My camera settings: Manual Exposure | WB: Daylight | F-stop: f/11 | Exposure time: 1.5 sec | ISO speed: 100 | No flash

Flashlight was positioned on the left (my left that is) of the colored card stock roll, angled it so that only the tip (?) or opening of the roll is lighted. Both the light and the card stock were sitting on top of my dinner table, happens to be a bit shiny which reflected my subject. I had my camera sitting on a box of tissue paper (I was too lazy to set up the tripod…LOL) for support. Turned off all the lights, except the flashlight and began shooting, moved the camera as I shot some more.

Post processing on PSE 9 was very minimal. Really. I increased the saturation a little bit to make the colors pop. Cropped the image to remove any unwanted distraction, re-sized the canvas so I can add the borders and my watermark at the bottom, and viola!

Here are two more images from the same set up, shot at different angles.

15 thoughts on “Abstract: How I did it?

  1. Thanks, Gracie! The theme “shadows” is coming up in my 52Weeks group, and I really like this idea so I was thinking of giving it a try – this tutorial should give me an idea of where to start. It’s really clear and easy to understand, you should have more faith in your skills as a tutorial writer :).

  2. These are great, Gracie. I once had an assignment in school to use only paper and one light to make a series of 5 black and white photos. I still have and cherish those after many years, as will you with these.

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