PearlsI’m back to shooting some still life today. Trying out different concepts for my homework. I have so many ideas in my head, but I cannot seem to focus on one. I am getting too distracted. I am hoping to use this image as a part of the composite homework that I have to submit before the 23rd. Maybe I will build from it, and see what comes out of it. Wish me luck.

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Seeing Light

The first thing that we were told in class when we first started the class was to train our eyes to see light. Seeing involves more than just really knowing it’s there, but also recognizing the quality, the quantity and the direction, and how it affects the subject.

paper_artThe image above was shot through a glass case, the light coming in on the right was warm and beautiful and depicts light coming through a window (light source is actually a fluorescent bulb). It created soft shadows which gave the image that three-dimensional look.


I find that I really enjoy shooting portraits at the studio. It’s the one class that I just cannot get enough of. We’ve learned a lot about the various portrait lighting styles and I think I am more conscious about it now.

This is a shot that I took of a good friend of mine emphasizing the Rembrandt lighting. This was the style that I struggled a lot. Most of my shots didn’t show enough of the triangle that defines the style. Even with this shot, the triangular light around her cheekbone area was faint when I first looked at it on my camera LCD. It wasn’t until I made the initial adjustment in Lightroom that this one image stood out. She has a rounded face, but the angle slimmed her face a little, and the shadow falling on her left cheeks (camera-right) accentuated her cheekbones. She has the Mona Lisa smile going on here so I thought a little bit of grain to emulate film will give it that vintage touch.

JuliaAnd just for kicks, I decided to process this one in black and white as well, although I must admit, I think I like the colored version better. What do you think?

Julia BW

Shooting Winter in Spring

It is officially Spring, but it doesn’t feel or look like it. Winter is still hanging around, not wanting to go. Granted these images were taken about a week and a half ago, the snow that you see on the ground hasn’t really melted at all. The main roads are mostly dry now, but traces of snow and ice are still clinging to the curbs. And the parks, well, nothing has changed since these photos were taken.

Winter Scene

My Photoshop class is all about curves and colour corrections lately, and I’ve realized there is so much more I needed to know about curves. Yes I knew the basics, it seems there is always something new to learn everyday.

Winter Scene

A Little Bit of Macro

I’ve been feeling really good about my images lately. It has given me a boost to want to create more. Here’s a few that I’ve done over the weekend. All shot with available light with a single reflector for fill.

yellow roseI was getting an underexposed reading on the inside of the flower, and boosting it up would render the rest overexposed, so I used a reflector to fill the shadows a little.

fernAh, the fern. I struggled with this one a bit. I knew I wanted a much darker ambiance to wrap the whole image. This took a little bit of time to accomplish.  I had to shoot from different angles to get the image that I had in mind. In the end, I found that shooting above eye level yielded the best result. I used the silver side of my reflector to add some fill on the tip of the fern.

I ended up with a memory card full of images, but I had to be ruthless and keep only the best ones. That is another thing I’ve learned, to not be afraid to delete the ones that were simply ok. After all, I am trying to produce great images. It’ll probably take some time before I can completely adopt that mentality, but I’ll get there. One day at a time.